We Raised $36,000 for Branches of Hope Cancer Patient Fund

Do Good Fest is a lot of fun. But the whole point is to raise money for cancer patients. And that’s what we did this past weekend.

We’ve gone through all of the parking receipts and the proceeds of festival merchandise.

And the grand total that we will be donating to the Branches of Hope cancer patient fund at Central Vermont Medical Center is almost $36,000.

When you add up previous years’ totals and add in the donations that our co-sponsors have made, together we’ve raised just about $135,000 for Branches of Hope.

What does that mean?

Branches of Hope is a fund that cancer patients can tap when they’re undergoing treatment and need help paying for basic expenses, including transportation, lodging and even home heating oil.

Often patients are out of work during treatment and their crisis extends beyond their health to many other parts of their lives. This is one way we can help.

That’s why National Life throws this party on its lawn. We want everyone in our community to know that we’re with them in difficult times.

Thank you for joining the cause.

Matt Kane