Sharing Some of the Good Through the Do Good Minute

The whole point of the Do Good Fest is to salute the great work done by community nonprofits and volunteers.

So, we got to thinking: What else can we do? There’s so much selfless service being done, through charities or schools or other groups, that should be recognized.

And, so, the Do Good Minute was born.


It’s a campaign that, over the coming months, will shine a light on the good work that we see all around us in our daily interactions.

The Do Good Fest itself continues to raise money to benefit Branches of Hope, the cancer patient fund at Central Vermont Medical Center.

And The Nonprofit Village at each of our five annual Do Good Fests so far has given three dozen or so nonprofits an opportunity to set up displays that tell something about what they do.

The Do Good Minute is an expansion of this idea of providing a megaphone to some of these nonprofits. We’ll be telling something about the organization and providing links to how anyone can participate.


We’ll be featuring them here on our website and they’ll be airing on the radio every Friday for the next several months.

If you’d like to try to catch them on the air and you’re in Vermont, the radio stations are:

  • The Point Radio Network: WNCS-Burlington/Plattsburgh/Montpelier; WIFY-Burlington/Addison/Middlebury; WDOT-Danville/St. Johnsbury; WRJT-Lebanon/The Upper Valley; WFAC (AM)-Middlebury

  • Champlain Radio Group: WWMP-Burlington/Plattsburgh; WIXM-Burlington-Plattsburgh; WCAT (AM-FM)-Burlington; WRSA (AM)-St. Albans; WSKI-(AM-FM)-Montpelier.

Matt Kane