We’ll Have Shuttles From Remote Parking For Do Good Fest

The weather is looking mighty fine for Saturday’s sixth annual Do Good Fest and we’re expecting a crowd.

So we thought it might be worth a couple of tips in advance.

We’ve organized shuttle buses again between remote parking close to downtown and the festival grounds on the hill at National Life.

Our primary remote parking is at Montpelier High School, just off Bailey Avenue. Parking fees at the high school are $20 versus $25 at National Life on the day of the show.

Remember that all proceeds benefit Branches of Hope, the cancer patient fund at Central Vermont Medical Center.

If the lots at the high school fill, try the state lots on Taylor Street or the Department of Labor Lot on Green Mountain Drive.

You can walk to the high school from either lot and catch the shuttle from there. If it’s possible, we will try to expand the shuttle route to those lots, if necessary.

And remember to bring sunblock. Lots of sunblock! And bring refillable water bottles. We have a giant “water monster” where you can refill them.

It is looking like it’s going to be sunny and we know that shade tents have become popular. But please don’t bring them. It blocks people behind and beside you from being able to see the stage.

You’ll be able to go under the big tents at the top of the hill to get out of the sun occasionally or under some of the trees along the perimeter of the festival grounds.

For a full look at Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our website.

Matt Kane